Since the middle of 1990s, the online casino industry is experiencing rapid growth. There is no need to say that the casino games involve luck, chance and skill so it involves lots of excitement and thrill along with the risk factor. In present times different gaming sites such as Captain Cooks Casino, UK Casino Club or the Spanish site Casino Action offer different types of casino games. However, among them the most played games are blackjack, video poker, slots and roulette.


  • Blackjack - In this game, all the cards have to add to either 21 or to a value, which is close to 21. In this entertaining game of blackjack the royal cards worth 10, whereas, the ace worth 11. Usually, if the value of the dealerís cards turns out to be more than the gamblerís cards then the casino player looses the game. On the other hand, if both the hands have equal value then the money can be held till you play the next game.
  • Video Poker - This game requires a lot of expertise. So, you may face difficulty if your opponent player is of high level. Usually, in Video Poker the machine provides you 5 cards as soon as you call for a bet. But it is your decision that which card you will retain and which one you will discard. While paying you should remember that once you discard the cards, 5 more cards would be offered to you and if your cards rank highest than the co-players then you will win the game.
  • Slots - The player needs to place a bet and if his luck favors then he will definitely going to win the game. It has been observed that the jackpot offered by this game is comparatively higher than the other online casino games.
  • Roulette - it is one of the most popular casino games. Like other online casino games, roulette online is not completely dependent on the luck factor, there are some very solid roulette strategies that players use to do well on the game. In this game, the payer can call bets for the colors or the numbered slots. Thereafter the wheel is spun and the ball is set in the opposite direction and you can only win if the ball falls in that particular slot on which you have placed a bet.


Though initially most of the people used to visit land-based casinos for playing casino games nowadays due to the scarcity of leisure time most of them prefer to play these online games of casino.